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Woman in Yellow

Nadia you have been the best therapist I have had. Your considerate approach allowed my most hidden parts to open up to you in less time than I had seen myself unravel before. I’ve had numerous therapists but your total presence, space holding, and humanness has touched me deeply. Thank you for all your hard work and empathy with me. I would recommend Nadia to anyone who is willing to to watch a transformation in themselves, to be unravelled, and to be lovingly witnessed.

Armineh, UK

Smiling Young Man

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have found Nadia as my therapist. When I first started therapy, I was skeptical about its effectiveness, especially when it came to healing my family relationships. One of my first conversations with Nadia was her telling me that through therapy, I could not only heal myself but heal my family as well. I told her I don’t believe her. My family are stubborn and unloving and hostile. It was – to me – a literal impossible task. But Nadia's patience and expertise helped me achieve that. 

Through therapy with Nadia, I learned to love myself and sit with uncomfortable emotions. All I had known was hate and resentment, but now all I know is forgiveness and sympathy. I am now able to connect with others on a deeper and more vulnerable level, and it's incredibly satisfying. 

I used to believe that I was going to have poor mental health for the rest of my life, but Nadia showed me that this was not true. She provided a safe and secure space for me to be vulnerable, something I've never experienced before. I only wish I had started therapy sooner. 

If you're looking for a therapist who is patient, understanding, and effective, I highly recommend Nadia. She truly has shaped my whole world for the better. 

Nathan, UK

Woman Among Trees

Dear Nadia,
Our session today was Amazing. YOU are a wonderful IFS therapist. After our session, I thought about some little girl photos of myself and for The First Time Ever, I Love the adorable child in those pictures and I Feel connected to her. 
I have Always felt pain when I think of, see, or hear the sound of my name - JUNE. There’s still some pain but not the savage stab in my heart. Screaming like my mother today and witnessing my child parts absorb the terrorizing anger, released trapped energy like a volcano. I needed Your compassion and insight and support to Release the Rage. I love how the energy was so volatile that we were literally disconnected..... I Feel the energy flow from Your Self and your system - into my system, into my energy field. I feel your Self and my Self unite as we attend to these burdened ones. Your Energy feels loving, kind, compassionate, wise, intuitive, intimate, spiritual, encouraging, open hearted, responsive, clear minded, strong and much much more. You are a gifted wise healer. 

June, Hawaii

Young Model

"I can't say this enough -  thank you! Your work means a great deal to me. In just 3 month you got me to a place that other psychological therapy did not manage in a whole year."


I found Nadia on the website of IFS therapist's in Netherlands. She stood out because of Level 3 IFS. I contacted her and she replied very soon. Our intake was pleasant. I immediately got a good feeling about Nadia. 


I had a rough idea on what to expect from IFS, but this was much better and more valuable than I could ever imagine. I now feel the balance inside of my inner world. We discovered a family secret, got rid of generational trauma and some believes that were blocking me from being the real me. My migraine attacks did not happen since several weeks, when just 4 month ago I had at least one episode every two weeks for over 20 years. I am so happy and grateful!


We worked online, at times that were suiting me the best. Nadia was reachable by chat outside our sessions when it was needed. Always very supportive and motivating. Nadia is a very good specialist. Very energetic, enthusiastic and at the same time calming and encouraging. A special combination I would say. I highly recommend her!

Tania, Russia

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