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Psychologist Session

Coping With Stress and overwealm: Tips for Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Whatever we resist, persist! When we are overwhelmed, we are hijacked by a part that wants our attention. So do not resist it. Lay down and slowly give this part a possibility to express itself. If it is too much or it is too strong for you, ask this part to pull away its energy just 5% so you can stay more present with it. Try to communicate with it and ask it to show you or tell you why it is here and what is the message that is carrying for you. Keep on asking questions...

Trauma and Addiction: Tools for Recovery

Addictions manifest through our firefighter parts that come to drug us or make us drunk so we not to feel the overwhelming pain. Thank these parts for the great job they are doing keeping us safe. Sit with close eyes or lie down and look inside - in your inner world and try to ask this part from how long is doing what it is doing? What is affraid it will happend to you if it stop doing its job? And listen - let the answer comes from this part. The cycle with addiction is the interaction in the triad -  between 3 parts - inner children, firefighter parts and the critic (shaming and blaming). The inner children, that surface with the pain, the firefighter parts that put the pain down with drugs and alchohol and then the shaming part comes to criticise.

Supportive Friend
Attentive Therapist

Exploring Family Dynamics

Family dynamics are from crusial importantce. Vey often parents come because they think that something is wrong with their children but actually children are just a symptom of toxic and destructive family dynamic. Children are very sensitive and they react expressively. Understanding the family dynamics and where we come from is from big importance for our recovery.

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