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Healing is possible by be-friending our own parts.

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All about IFS therapy


Yes, absolutely! IFS is a healing modality and it is the newest and most modern psychotherapy at the moment in the world. It is very famouse in USA, Canada and UK and now is slowly coming to Europe. It is different from everything else that existed so far because it does not require you to stay in therapy for months or years and you can actually really heal. IFS gives fast results because it works on the "inside network" where the trauma is stored. Till now all of the other modalities are working on the "outside network" - just talking and analysing the problem. But knowing your problem, do not solve it at all. Using IFS, you look inside - in your inner world and you start hearing and seeing your own parts - these sub-personalities that live in your psychic. This is your natural state of your mind - shifting from part to part. When you start talking to them, they will stop hijacking you all of the time. And from type of enemies that overtakes you, they will become your biggest helpers and chereleaders. IFS is very helpful because it use the shamanic elements that every soul needs. For example the ritual of unburdening our inner children includes visualisation of how we throw away the burdens or the pains to the fire, dropping them inside of the ocean, blowing them to the wind or burrying them in the ground. 

WHAT ARE THESE PARTS IFS is talking about?

IFS teach us that our psychic consist of parts that hold different roles. There are 3 main roles in the system - managers, firefighters and inner children that cary the pain. The managers are preoccupied of our image or how we look in font of society. The firefighter parts are extreem managers that come unexpectedly when there is big pain or we are extreemly triggered.  They do not care how we will look in front of the others - they drug us, makes us drink, scream, shout and etc. A firefigther part can make you eat a whole package of cholcolate bonbones or lie under the umbrella the whole day when you actually have a lot to do. In addition,  the inner children are small frozen parts in space and time that need rescue. One big whole family that lives inside of us with its own personalities, needs and opinions.


No you don't need to! Bring these parts that drug you or make you stay in bed all day. They have an important message, and we can give them opportunity to speak to us. They don't want to destroy you, they want to help you put the pain down or give you time to rest. Even the suicidal part is an "exit part" that is looking for solution. We wont delete these parts in the course of the therapy, neither will try to fix them. We will talk to them, and ask them what are their fears if they stop doing the things that they are doing, how this can helps you, and how it is woking for you so far - what they think? And if it is not working for them, we will ask them to give us permission by stepping aside and allowing us to speak with the inner children. By addressing the inner children, we will witness their story and we will re-parent them. After that we will take them to the present or to a safer place of their choice where they can unburden their pains. 

All of the parts have a good intentions and even thought some of them make us drink and drug ourselves, they all help us stop the pain.