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Services I Offer

Personalized Care and Guidance

Child Psycholgist

Individual Therapy with IFS

If you’re looking for quality Individual Therapy sessions with Level 3 trained IFS therapist, you came to the right place. In is approximately 16 session or 3 months, and you will feel and observe a change of your situations and the way you fell. And this will be visible for your family. It is good before we start the sessions to think of a goal that we can set for our meetings. This goal can change over time but it is good to have a direction at the begining of the road. IFS is also an excellent modality because it connects you to your body and explore the body sensation that you might have. Trauma survivors do not want to stay in their bodies so it is wonderful way to encourage this and be more present. Then we can look inside of you inner world and start seeing and hearing your own pats. This is how we meet our protectors. They can tell you what is their message for you, why they are here. By be-friending them, we win their trust and they give us access to the inner children that need to be healed. We witness the story of our inner children and we help them with the past even if there was an abuse. Then we pull them to a safer place or to the present where they unburden their pains. Here in IFS we perform a shamanic ritual of throwing the burdens to the wind, to the fire or we drop them in the ocean. After we invite new positive qualities on the place of these burdens. When the new qualities are integreated, we bring the protectors to see the transformation of the inner children and we encourage them to change their roles in the system. After all they do not need to work so hard anymore to protect us since the inner children are healed.

Therapy Session

IFS group therapy

The group therapies have healing power based on the collective consiouseness. You can chose one of the products that can best suite your needs and solve your troubles today. You might say that this is not so easy but it doesnt need to be hard as well. This is fast, concise therapy that is very useful if you are really affraid and you want to improve your situation but you are horrified to move things around in your psychic and I have been there - I know how you feel. When you are in a group and you see how many people struggle with similar traumas and how they improve, this can be a really turning point for you in your life.


Couples Therapy

Are you feeling like you will never be able to find love? Or are you getting into the same toxic repetitive relationships that leave you devastated. Maybe you are exhosted of this rollecoster of emotions. Actually you can stop the toxic process and transform your love life. IFS for couples is a very powerful tool where one of the partners witness the healing of the other and vice versa. It is amasing process to be seen by your love one who can clearly detects what exactly triggers you, witness your childhood pains and gain tremendouse compassion for you. Contact me today and lets start with our sessions. You just need to bring your partner with you and try it out. See if it works for you. I am sure it will!

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